12742680_1661709400760151_8054504143496986811_nScottish Student Archaeology organise the Scottish Student Archaeology Society Conference. This year it it being run by Glasgow University Archaeology Society, based in the Archaeology Department of the University Of Glasgow.

We have come together with Edinburgh, Aberdeen and St Andrews University Arch Soc’s to offer this exciting new student conference, which we hope will continue in future years, switching host university annually.

We have made a commitment to provide an affordable and accessible weekend conference for students to take the first steps into academic presentation in a friendly, open and social environment. We aim to allow students from across Scotland the opportunity to meet and learn from their peers and meet researchers, lecturers, archaeologists and heritage professionals from across Scotland.

The Seminar sessions within the conferences focus on aspects of Scottish Archaeology chosen by the hosting committee. These will cover a broad range of time periods, allowing for a wide variety of speakers and talks, that will offer something of interest to everyone.

Students whose research does not fit our seminar themes will have the opportunity to present their research at a poster session during the course of the weekends events.


Please contact us at: gu_archsoc@hotmail.com if you’d like to present your research at a seminar or in poster form.